Following are the routings for cargo destined to various parts of Afghanistan

Via Karachi – Islambad/Rawalpindi – Lahore – Peshawar – Quetta – Kabul.

Via Gateway Bandar Abbas.

The most preferred routing for cargo originating or destined for Afghanistan is via Gateway Bandar Abbas. There is no rail network in Afghanistan and all trade is conducted by land route from Iran and other neighbouring countries.

Carrier’s Own containers (COC) are to be de-stuffed at Islamgala, Afganistan. However, Shipper’s Own Containers can be transported upto any final destination in Afghanistan . All Fragile items and household goods shipment to be crated and then stuffed in COC.

Following are the routings for cargo destined to various parts of Afganistan

Via Karachi – Islambad/Rawalpindi – Lahore – Peshawar – Quetta – Kabul.

The nearest Sea Port for import of Cargo into Afghanistan is Karachi, Pakistan.

Pakistan is in the most advantageous position in Afghan Transit Trade, (ATT) where Port of Karachi plays a major role as hinterland port and “GATEWAY” to Afghanistan and Central Asian States, Countries.

There is no rail network in Afghanistan and all trade is conducted by land route from Pakistan and other neighbouring countries. Cargo for Afghanistan in Transit via Pakistan (Karachi /Port) is exempted from Custom Duty and taxes in Pakistan. However, a Special Custom Cell, processes and examines the cargo at Karachi Port.

All cargo i.e. containerized or break-bulk is forwarded by Road from Karachi to the Customs Posts at following location.

  • Peshawar/Torkham for Cargo destined for Jalalabad/kabul.
  • Outlets/Chaman for Cargo destined for Kandhar & Herat.

Required documentation is carried out at Custom Post, after which the cargo/container crosses into Afghanistan. Having crossed the border the loaded trucks to the Afghan Custom House at Torkham, Jalalabad, Kubul or Kandhar as the case may be. The consignee in Afghanistan arranges the unloading and custom clearance of the cargo.


kabul2For Reconstruction, Rehabilitation, Aid & Diplomatic Cargo-SI-# 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5
N.G.O. Cargo – SI. # 1, 2, 3, 4 & 6
Commercial Cargo – SI # 1, 2, 3, 4, 7 & 8
Original Bill of Lading
Showing full name and address of the Importer/Consignee in Afghanistan
Showing our nominated agents as Notify Party.
Shipping Line at Load Port to instruct their Agents in Karachi (Pakistan) to release the cargo to our Nominated agents (Notify Party) without the signature and endorsement of the Consignee/Importer in Afghanistan.
Original Invoice + Packing List showing description, quantity, net weight, gross weight and dimension of each package; also declaring “GOODS IN TRANSIT TO AFGHANISTAN”
Each individual package should have a painted/printed label/sign reading “GOODS IN TRANSIT TO AFGHANISTAN”
Authority letter authorizing us to custom clear and transport the cargo to Afghanistan as well as to act as your representative to apply and obtain requisite permissions from Government of Pakistan.
Authority-cum-Undertaking letter of the Embassy/Consulate of the respective donor country. In case of Gift/ Donation, Certificate from Donor Agency or Protocol Agreement amongst Importing Agency (Consignee/Importer) in Kabul, Afghanistan and the Exporting Agency. (Supplier/Exporter)
NOC/Transit Permit issued by Central Board of Revenue, Government of Pakistan.
Original Proforma invoice duly signed and attested by Ministry of Commerce, Afghanistan
Original JAWAZ NAMA (Import License issued by Ministry of Commerce, Afghanistan) to Afghan importer along with photocopy of the JAWAZ NAMA duly attested by Afghan Ministry of Commerce.
From arrival Karachi via Peshawar up to delivery kabul 07-08 days
From arrival Karachi via Chaman up to delivery Kandahar 03-04 days

Road Transportation


  • Karachi – Peshawar – Kabul Sector
  • Karachi – Chaman – Kandahar Sector
Maximum weight per container 30 M. Tons

Distance from Karachi

  • Kabul via Peshawar 2,015 Kilo Meters
  • Kandahar via Chaman 917 Kilo Meters
  • Jalalabad via Peshawar 1,840 Kilo Meters

Via Gateway Bandar Abbas.

Route to Islam Qalah/Afganistan : Bandar Abbas – Kerman – Birjandn – Taibad – Dogharun and finally Islamqalah ( 1KM distance from Iran border). From Islamqalah, the cargo will be arranged to move to Heart, Kandhar , Kabul, Jalalabad , etc by Afghani trucks.

Route to Mazar-e-Sharief : Bandar Abbas – Kerman- Mashhad- Sarakhs – Charjou/Turkmenistan – Aghineh and finally Mazar-e-Sharief.

Customs Borders

kabu3For your information there are 6 customs border as follows :

  • Dogharun – Iran / Islam Qalah – Afghanistan.
  • Kosha – Turkmenistan / Turghundi – Afghanistan.
  • Aghinesh – Turkmenistan / Andkhooy- Afghanistan.
  • Termez – Uzbekistan / Galabeh – Afghanistan.
  • Khaibar Pass – Pakistan / Turkham.
  • Chaman / Pakistan – Soleyman Kalay